Welcome and very thanks to visit the website. Really it is our pleasure to present and dedicate this web site to entire Mali community. Everybody should be proud of his community and being Mali we are proud of it . We have launched this website not to discriminate ourselves from the Society but to share our role for the unity and development of the Nation, Via this website we are trying to bring entire community under one platform . This website will also play an important role in sharing the thoughts among the worldwide community members .Also a good communication will be maintained not only within the youths but also among all the community members .This website provide information about the history and the origin of the community , about the great personalities in the community in various fields such social work , science, art , literature , education , political field , persons working on different commissions , film industry , entrepreneurs , business persons, Artist in different fields and the same. The stories of Great personalities will help and inspire the new generation to follow the right path.

     Under a single banner we want to unite and are planning many activities to achieve the same, which are mentioned in the founder’s desk.

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